Thursday, June 24, 2010

KHBC 9 - 11yr Old Camp Session Update

David Dilley First camp is over and the kids returned to their villages. We are

re-grouping for the next camp of 12-14 yr. old kids that arrive Sat. At least 4-5 kids came to Christ in the 9-11 yr. camp. Praise God! Many others were touched by the Gospel truth and the seeds are planted
and watered. Please pray for them and their vill
ages. Got some downtime today to catch up and rest...still fighting a cold
but getting better.

Mark here -- Please continue to pray for the children who accepted Christ while and camp. Once they return to their villages, Satan will seek to destroy and undermine their confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that they remain strong and grow closer to Christ every day. Also please continue to pray for the children who heard the Gospel but have yet to accept Jesus as their Savior. May the seeds planted develop and may they come to know Christ.
Lastly, please keep David, Roger & Carole Huntington, and the other counselors in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Affirmation Night

One of the most moving and powerful activities of the entire work week is Affirmation Night. Words can't do any justice to describe how the Holy Spirit is working during Affirmation Night.
Lives are changed at Kokrine Hills Bible Camp!
It is something you just have to experience for yourself!
I can't wait until next year -- Will you join us and be on mission with God?

Cabin Winterization Project Photos

Here are some random photo from the project

Cookies & Praise and Worship

The perfect combo

Door Troubles

Marty H and Tarek -- "Do you have the instructions for the screens"

Cabin Winterization Update - Final

Well, we're back (except for David D. - he stayed at camp with the kids, please keep him in your prayers as God continues to use him at camp to reach the kids for Jesus)!
The trip home only took 23 hours. Kyle from The Crossings took care of us while in Anchorage. Thanks Kyle!
I am posting a few pictures from various stages of the cabin project. As I have previously posted, God really came through for us! He provide EVERYTHING we needed RIGHT on TIME! He renewed and restored our bodies daily to accomplish the task. He kept our spirits high and enabled the team to bond and encourage one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Thanks to ALL of our supporter -- We Love YOU!

The Yukon Leap of Faith

After a week at camp, Ashley, Jessica and Kyla really formed a strong bonding friendship. So to seal the deal, they took the Yukon Leap of Faith.
I must admit, this was a sight to see. Especially Ashley's reaction when she realized the water wasn't as deep as she thought and the river floor was .... well .... very mucky. But to the ladies credit, they took the leap! And notice the absence of any of the men from our team???? Strangely enough they weren't there. Just Marty H and me were there --- you know just in case we had to jump in a rescue them from a big ol' salmon or something.
BTW, we have video too...... LOL